Licenses & Safety


When you want to work with a company that utilises multirotors you have to make sure that safety is assured. In the Netherlands a couple of safeguards are designed to control the drone industry. Three permissions are needed to perform a multicopter flight: permission from the ILenT, permission for temporary use of ground (TUG) and permission of the landowner.

Company permissions

EuroUSC is the authority in the Netherlands for approval of unmanned flight. This also counts for England, Spain, Malta and Italy. In order to legally operate an unmanned flight a company needs an operations-manual approved by Euro USC. All the procedures that have to be kept in mind to ensure safety are written in this document. Evidently, Skyframes is in possession of an approved operations-manual.

Flight permissions

Skyframes has permission of the ministry of Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate or to be short ILenT to perform flights in dutch airspace.

Testing Area

Skyframes owns a private flying area approved by the ILenT. This area is located near the Hague and can be used for test flights and demos. This area enables us to always fly our drones whenever we want.

Pilot permissions

All our pilots are certified with the required BNUC-s certificates. They have all successfully completed the ground school and the practical exam to ensure a high standard for our clients.




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