Maintenance Inspections

Skyframes maintenance inspections

Skyframes is specialised in performing high altitude inspections. The big advantage of drone inspections is the limited safety risk and the speed with which inspections can be performed. Nobody has to ascend a high structure and perform dangerous manoeuvres in order to get the desired data. With high resolution cameras and advanced stabilisation mechanisms high quality data can be collected. By making 3D-models out of this data, our clients get an easy to examine and visually appealing data collection which can be accessed in the cloud. This database makes it possible for a company to plan their maintenance in a time efficient and cost efficient manner.



Windturbine Rotor blade inspections

Blade inspections performed by Skyframes are up to 8 times faster and infinite times as save. By making high resolution photographs together with a laser system we can measure the size and position of the damage on the blade accurately. With our live 1080p video connection we are able to detect damage on the blade immediately while we’re on the ground. After the inspection a professional rapport is created with all the necessary information. Using this fast and save method, we can reduce the amount of expensive and time consuming maintenance to a minimum.

Geo-data Collection

 Performing windturbine inspections is not the only type of inspection Skyframes performs. We are also using our drones to create high detail 3d models of terrains and other structures. These digital terrain models (DTMs for short) consist out of millions of data points depending on the size of the terrain. These points combined form a 3d model in which one can measure volumes and surface areas. Under normal circumstances Skyframes can create a DTM with  an accuracy of 2 cm. We can create this 3d model by taking pictures of the object with a certain overlap out of which the datapoints are calculated. With this technology we are capable of mapping an area of 1 km^2 per day. Our DTMs can also be very useful to record the progress of projects for example with the help of an orthomosaic map.


These can vary between nature conservation projects, buildingsite management, but also the measuring of stockpile volumes or surface areas.

In short:

  • Accuracy: 2cm
  • Duration: 1 km2/day

We do More

We as a company understand that there are way more possibilities for this new technology than only inspecting rotor blades. Skyframes is more than happy to help you out with taking on new challenges in different fields of inspection.


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