We are specialised in making aerial footage with multicopters.

Skyframes is a young and rapidly growing company. Skyframes was founded a year ago by students Daniel Kist en Wichert Kooloos. Due to their technical background in respectively industrial design and civil engineering they came in contact with multicopters. The goal of Skyframes is to perform technical inspections with multicopters. Because of our technical education and our elaborate knowledge of multicopters we are able to develop new inspection methods together with our clients. Currently we are focusing in performing blade inspections of on- and offshore wind turbines but together with our clients we keep on developing new methods for other inspection purposes.

Our passion for cinematography should not be forgotten. Skyframes strives to create the most spectacular aerial shots for all segments in the film industry. Examples of many of our projects can be found on our projects page.

The Team


CO-Founder and general manager

Wichert Kooloos is a 3rd year student at the faculty of Civil Engineering at the TU Delft. He is the second pilot of Skyframes and cameraman/payload operator. Wichert is in charge of all communication with our clients and other organisations and companies. Furthermore he makes sure that all the internal processes within the company go according to plan.


CO-Founder and chief legislations

Daniel Kist is a 2nd year student at the faculty of Industrial Design at the TU Delft. Daniel is the most experienced pilot of Skyframes. With over 5 years of experience in RC flying, Daniel is capable of dealing with the most precise flight manoeuvres. Daniel is also in charge of legislation and permissions. For every assignment he makes sure that legal demands are met and safety measures have been taken into account.


Casper van Ravels is a 1st year computer science student at the TU Delft. He is the third pilot of Skyframes. With over 4 years of building and flying drones, Casper is in charge of maintenance and upgrading our drones.

Berend Jan

Berend Jan van Meerten is a 4th year Econometrics and Operations Research student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is a cameraman/payload operator. He is in charge of all financial matters. Together with Wichert he is in charge of communication with our clients.


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Berend Jan van Meerten: +316 14759703

Wichert Kooloos: +31 6 47 93 45 38



Skyframes B.V., Rotterdamseweg 183C, 2629 HD Delft.
Rabobank, KvK Haaglanden nr. 59815949.


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